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Hear from the athletes themselves how Lynne Elite Performance has impacted their hockey careers both on and off the ice. Lynne Elite Performance athletes have played in the North American Hockey League (NAHL), United States Hockey League (USHL), Division 1 and 3 Collegiate Hockey, and some have even played for Team USA. All Lynne Elite Performance athletes have a unique story. Learn about how David Lynne has created Lynne Elite Performance to enhance each athlete's unique talents and teach them the fundamentals of strength training to make them better athletes on and off the ice. Contact us to learn how you can become a Lynne Elite Performance athlete.


When I first started training with Dave, I didn’t understand how much of an impact off-ice training can have on a player's game. After training with him for 2 years now, I have already seen great strides in the gym and on the ice. I feel stronger, faster, and more explosive. Dave has taught me that with commitment to off-ice training your game can reach another level on the ice. Dave also is a great person who cares about every single one of his athletes. I appreciate him just as much as a person as I do a trainer. Thank you Dave for all you have done and will continue to do for me as a player and a person. 

Izzy Daniel, Cornell University, The Blake School

I started working out with Dave three years ago in the fall of my junior year. At that time, I had almost no experience in the weight room and was extremely nervous to start. Dave welcomed me to his gym with open arms and had a sense of enthusiasm that made me want to work out every day. Since then, going to the gym has turned into one of my favorite parts of the summer. Over the past three years, Dave has continued to improve his craft and become one of the best trainers in the twin-cities area. At this point, I wouldn’t just consider Dave a trainer, but a good friend. 

Mason Langenbrunner, Harvard University, Fargo Force, Eden Prairie High School 


I began working out with Dave at the start of my senior year of high school. I had some experience with working out before, but Dave helped me take training to the next level. Working with Dave off the ice has been one of the best experiences in my hockey career thus far. Dave always encourages me to do my best on and off the ice, and one thing he does not lack is confidence in his clients. If you put in the work and show him you want to get better, he WILL make you better in the gym and a better person too. He brings knowledge and passion, and his gym is by far the best place for development!

Ben Steeves, University of Minnesota Duluth, Sioux City Musketeers, Eden Prairie High School

I first started training with Dave at the beginning of my senior year of high school. Since then, I have built a relationship with him not only in the gym but outside of it too. He is extremely committed to training his athletes to reach their full potential, and he loves doing it. He not only taught me how to improve in the gym, but also made it clear that in order to improve on the ice, off-ice training is vital. Dave helped me feel extremely prepared for my first year of Division 1 hockey, as well as helped me prepare for USA camps and tournaments. I will be forever grateful for all the effort Dave put into my personal success. I wouldn’t be where I am today, on or off the ice, without his dedication to me and each one of his athletes.

Emma Peschel, The Ohio State University, U18 Team USA, Benilde - St. Margaret's High School


I’ve been training with Dave for 4 years now. Every time I head back to school to start the season, I feel more confident and prepared than the year before. There is never a time when I don’t look forward to going into the gym. Dave does a phenomenal job at adjusting and creating workout programs to each of his athletes to continue to improve not only their weaknesses but their strengths as well. Dave has taught me the importance of training hard, prioritizing recovery, and valuing nutrition. Dave is a person who has supported me in all aspects on my life. He values all of his athletes as human beings and cares about their well being on and off the ice more than anyone. Dave has so much love and respect for all of his athletes and it’s shown through the way he treats, believes, and supports us everyday. 

Kailey Langefels, College of the Holy Cross, Minnetonka High School

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